Anthony Pace at Central Park in New York City Anthony Pace is a software engineer, writer, chef, and athlete. He is from New York City. His daily work involves computer programming, enterprise-level problem solving, managing cloud resources, business strategy, and design.

As a writer, Anthony has been producing & publishing content for years. He is passionately curious and enjoys “learning in public” by posting online. You can read his work by exploring this website. New blog posts, essays, tweets, and videos are published regularly.

Anthony is a life-long athlete and jiu-jitsu practitioner. You can find him on the mats, working on closed-gaurd and planning his next competition. He teaches submission grappling every week in the Times Square area of New York City. He’s available for private lessons & seminars. Check out the BJJ Tracker app that he created and uses to keep track of training progress.

Anthony is AWS Certified. He passed his Certified Cloud Practitioner exam in June of 2021.