Innovation in 2020


Innovation moves the world forward. An original idea can make a measurable difference in the results of a plan or project. Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation. It can take existing concepts and rearrange them to fit a unique pattern.


In another post, I highlighted solutions I used to manage a large amount of content for a client project. I leveraged existing features and technology to achieve results in a unique way. Another way to put it: I used technical knowledge to overcome a problem, creatively. Some other examples of creative solutions include:

1) Using an existing CSS feature to deliver a better or unique user experience. When applying animations and effects, the possibilities seem limitless.

2) A doctor prescribing a drug, off label, to treat a problem for which it wasn’t originally intended.

3) A trained athlete combining existing techniques into a unique style.

Although creative, these examples aren’t innovative. Innovation creates something new. It creates new products, new industries, and new markets.



Innovation changes the space in which you’re working. In the next decade I will focus on that kind of growth, and expand past client-specific work. As a broad stroke, this means building digital products. Specifically, I’ll be taking the opportunity to solve problems in certain areas. Luckily, there are many exciting problems that need solving.

Innovative solutions require energy – and here are some places I’d like to spend mine.

1) Digital accessibility, and solving technology problems for people with disabilities. This will include software, as well as physical products. I’d like to explore how IOT, wearables, and augmented/virtual reality can be leveraged.

2) Privacy. This issue also seems to include homelessness, the justice system, and personal identity.

3) Business and marketing. These solutions are important, because I can re-use them as tools in other ventures. They can be leveraged to solve other important problems.

For example, SplitWit is a product I’ve built that can help companies experiment with user experiences. Failing fast, and measuring results, is imperative to growth and innovation.

SplitWit marketing

My reason for writing this post is to flesh out, and crystalize, how innovation should direct my work. I’ve discovered that writing helps me to think better. Writing makes me more innovative. These blog entries will continue to be a way that I can solidify my nebula of creative energy into something solid and digestible.