Being a Web Developer in NYC

starting a website project in new york

Full time employment

Six months ago I started a full time programmer position in Manhattan. The office is located in a Chelsea building, on the 11th floor. It’s a trendy neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, walking distance from art galleries.

My daily commute takes me through the Bronx on the 6 train, landing me steps away from Madison Square Park and the Flat Iron Building. The subsequent ten minute walk pumps coffee through my veins and prepares my mind for a day of meetings, thinking, and coding.

An hour long lunch break gives me a chance to explore local shops and scenery. More walking. More thinking. Then, back to the office for more meetings and more coding. The boutique atmosphere has a start-up feel. Marketing and event-planning have been woven through my responsibilities as keeper of all things tech. Each member of our small team fashions a millinery worth of metaphorical hats. Team building events and shared lunches help us to stay lockstep.

After work I’ve been attending tech meetups and happy hours. Networking is important. I’m excited to see what the city has in store for my life and my career. This blog will be a journal for my adventures in technology.


I’ve been a freelance web designer and developer in New York City for a few years. I find new clients prospecting small and medium size businesses.