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Hi! I'm a software engineer and web developer. I was born in New York City, and love living here. Being creative, solving problems, and building things excite me. I believe that boredom is the enemy of happiness. Having new experiences is how I find inspiration.

Programming and computers are important to me. I spend a lot of time online. The internet has helped me to discover things that are now important parts of my reality. I love to be a part of the wave by creating content, technology, and experiences for the web. This aspect of my life lets me be artistic and scientific at once. You can find out more about my background and experience by looking through AntPace.com.


As a life-long athlete, fitness and health are important to me. I spend weekends running, and participating in races around NYC. This is when I have some of my best ideas. Exercise gives me the energy I need to tackle my goals. During my best workouts, I experience a sense of flow only matched when I'm absorbed deeply into a creative project. I also enjoy lifting weights and martial arts.


I draw inspiration from a lot of different places. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks while commuting (but still often do read actual books). Twitter has become one of favorite resources for new content. Consuming media propels my own creative urges. My drive to turn the imagined tangible boldens as I see others do it. You can check out my blog to find out more about what excites me.


The urge to explore precedes creative expression. Experiencing the culture of a strange place stretches the imagination. I travel a few times per year for work, attending conferences and exhibitions, doing marketing work and managing live educational events. I also find myself on long adventures during my off time. These journeys have afforded me opportunities to meet people from around the world and make great memories.


Social gatherings are exciting. Concerts, meet-ups, parties, and conventions help me connect with interesting people. In connecting with others we grow. I enjoy live music and good food. I attend group meetings that focus on my professional interests. Even digital events in virtual worlds present entirely new landscapes for me to explore.


  • 2023
  • Senior Engineer (Full Stack)


    June 2022 - Present

    SpotHero is the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America.

    My role is pivotal in developing and maintaining the internal software used by customer service representatives and internal supply & operation managers. My key responsibilities include:

    • Maintaining a Django REST framework (DRF) API, a Jinja front-end, and a ReactJS front-end using TypeScript and Redux to enhance the functionality and user experience of the web admin panel
    • Writing comprehensive unit tests in Django to ensure the robustness and reliability of the application.
    • Managing an end-to-end testing suite using Selenium, significantly improving the application’s quality and performance

    Technologies: JavaScript, NPM, React, TypeScript, Python, Django


    • Successfully implemented a CRM (Salesforce) automation integration in the web admin panel, leading to a 30% decrease in customer service handle time (which translated to large dollar savings)
    • Reduced bugs and increased code coverage to ~95% by implementing a robust testing strategy using Django unit tests and Selenium for end-to-end testing.
    • Led a team of 4 developers to complete OKRs on time and under budget.
  • Software Engineer (Full Stack)


    May 2016 - June 2022

    DGDean is an agency that takes well-funded businesses from startup to $100MM

    My role emphasizes accomplishing business goals using technology. I help manage the tech for numerous early-stage start-ups, as well as successful direct-to-consumer businesses. My responsibilities include taking the lead position for software development and workflow.

    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Python, Django, PHP, .NET, Java and more


    • Increased revenue & other KPIs by leading A/B experiment initiatives
    • Improved uptake to partner program by building out APIs for a white-label app solution
    • Built out a Shopify store to increased sales through speed optimization, ad tech integration, and UX improvements
    • Migrated an ecommerce system and front-end CMS to better fit a client’s needs
  • 2016
  • Skills

    I am a web developer, designer, and database architect. My daily work includes writing software and creating user-centered experiences. The technologies that I use most frequently are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and MySql. Other skills include:

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner)
    • Linux admin and maintenance
    • HTML email marketing, graphic design, UI/UX strategy
    • Continuity business development, AdTech integration, SaaS growth
    • Shopify, Limelight, WooCommerce (direct consumer sales tech)
    • React, TypeScript, MongoDB, PHP, Java, Heroku server, Vue.JS, SASS (CSS preprocessors), Ruby on Rails, Capistrano deployment, Jenkins deployment
    • Microsoft development stack (MSSql, C# .NET, Entity Framework, MCV, Webforms, Web API)
  • Senior Web Developer & Marketing Specialist

    DKBmed, LLC

    January 2012 - May 2016

    DKBmed is a "continuing medical education" company. As lead developer and marketer, my responsibilities included:

    • Creating and maintaining apps and data driven websites.
    • Developing internal software to automate data analysis and marketing efforts.
    • Planning and executing our marketing presence at live events throughout the country, and internationally.
    • Digital and print marketing of our online educational programs.
    • Graphic design for print and web.
    • Directly managing other developers as well as hiring contractors for both web and marketing work.
    • Regularly interacting with new APIs and web technologies.

    I served as the senior web developer and marketing specialist at DKBmed. This company produces medical education programs for clinicians. Each program produced has its own website with a custom look and feel. These websites are highly data driven, and feature registration for both live and digital events.

    Besides web development and marketing, I am also in charge of producing native iOs apps that provide education and resources to medical professionals. I also use web technologies to create internal tools that aid in data analysis and task automation for the company.

  • 2012
  • Web Developer & Designer

    The Bronx Design Group

    March 2011 - January 2012

    The Bronx Design Group is a graphic design company and printing house. I worked on the design and development of their corporate web presence. I still advise and service this company on a contract basis.

  • Self Employed Contract Work

    January 2007 - Present

    Over the years, I have built and maintained a clientele of small businesses, artists, and start-ups. While giving me an opportunity to hone my skills as a developer and marketer, this undertaking pushes me to grow as a business manager. Visit my portfolio to take a look at the projects I have worked on.

  • 2007


My portfolio contains work that spans a variety of industries and subjects. My effort for each project that I contribute to draws from both experience and imagination. My work includes programming, design, marketing, and writing. I am available to hire for freelance and contract work. Take a look at some of my past projects. Contact me to discuss how we can get started.

  • Web Design Portfolio


    You can look through this website to find examples of my work.

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    I love coding and visual deign. I've been doing both for over 13 years. I am a web developer, designer, and database architect. My daily work includes writing software and creating user-centered experiences

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I'm available for hire. Let's have a conversation, and talk about how we can get rolling. We can start on a new project, or I can pick-up where some one else left off.

Anthony Pace

New York City

Mobile: (646) 533 - 0334

Email: info@antpace.com