Backend Development

API, Servers, & Databases

API Development

An application's backend ecosystem needs to be well-planned and properly executed. Decisions about technology, patterns, and architecture require expertise and experience. Let us lead the process for your company.

Depending on your needs and goals we'll choose what setup is right for you. The consideration of cost, speed, and scalability is imperative to successful backend execution.


Hosting your website, database, or API is a mission critical step in the success of your digital business. Keeping costs low, performace high, and security tight is imperative.

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Data is the life-blood of your digital corpus. The structure of data objects and tables has a profound impact on performance and value. Getting it right means more insightful reporting and better data-driven decision making.

Our expertise will make sure your databases are secure, performant, and redundant.

MySQL - MongoDB - Redis - SQL Server - Tableau - Visualizations - Redundancy - Recovery - Warehousing


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