Quality Assurance

Stop bugs & defects before they happen

Our process ensures that your visitors will enjoy the best experience possible

This procedure takes place before, and directly after, any new project or work. We also recommend scheduling regular audits throughout the year to ensure everything is copacetic.

Functionality Check

Make sure nothing breaks

During this step we confirm your website or app works as it should. Auditing each page, we examine:

  • Any contact forms, checkout flows, add-to-cart buttons, and anything else that requires user interaction
  • Every link, making sure they're not broken or lead to a 404 error page
  • Login, sign-up, and all user account functionality
  • User-experience bottle-necks that may cause friction, confusion, or descrease conversions

Having a digital product that works improves customer trust in your brand and will increase conversion rates. Rest assured that we test everything across various popular browsers and devices.

Visual Examination

Confirm everything looks great

With a scrutinizing eye, we ensure design & content quality. We'll inspect text and images, make sure fonts load, and fix typos & spelling mistakes. Reviewing the entire site or app, we'll make sure:

  • Content is correct (contact information, pricing, etc.)
  • The look & feel is consistent and coherrent
  • Design expectations have been met, based on any requirements or prototypes
  • UI elements (buttons, errors messages, call-to-action prompts, modals, navigation menus, etc.) are clear, sleek, and useful

In addition to manual review, we employ automation tools to ensure quality control as changes are deployed.

Code Quality

The code powering your website or app can make all the difference. From a technical view, we make sure your software project is well-maintained and documented. Unit testing provides confidence that things won't break when a change is made.

Optimizing website code also adds SEO benefits. We'll make sure that important meta elements, such as image alt tags, H1 tags, & structured data, are included and optimized. Additionally, we will generate an XML sitemap and submit it to popular search engines. We can even make your website PWA and AMP compatible, giving it a boost on search engine result pages.

Performance Optimization

This phase centers on speed, security, and reliability. These aspects provide improvements to SEO, user experience, and overall conversion rates. We'll check to make sure:

  • Images are the right size, and load as quickly as possible. Lazy loading makes sure visual assets don't block the rendering of your site, and only appear just before they're viewed
  • Code assets (javascript, CSS) are minified and served over a CDN to provide fast delivery
  • Cloud operations are in place to ensure your site is scalable. It won't fail under the stress of a large audience or malicious attacks
  • Your site is secure, encrypted, and resilent


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