I love coding and visual design. I've been doing both for over two decades. I am a web developer, designer, and database architect. My daily work includes writing software and creating user-centered experiences. The technologies that I use most frequently are HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL.

Currently, I am employed by a company in New York City where I directly manage other developers. I am in charge of developing apps (native and HTML5) and building & maintaining data driven websites. I also play a large role in the strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns.

My position as marketing manager emphasizes measuring the effectiveness of our marketing actions, and then making decisions based on the data. I use advanced A/B testing, google analytics, email campaign reports, and user surveys to figure out what works best for the company. I also manage the logistics of our presence at live exhibitions.


In primary school I began experimenting with HTML as well as creating applications with Visual Basic. I quickly learned about various software design concepts and built a strong interest in Computer Science. Despite this, in college I studied philosophy. The abstract and logical thinking techniques I fostered have applied very much to my career in technology.

Since then, I've continued to educate myself about computer science. Books and online lectures facilitate me moving towards a level of expertise relevant to my career. Social media and online communities help me to keep up on the latest technologies and industry trends.

When finished with college I created a web design and marketing business. I built clientele using both digital and traditional marketing strategies. I've been a professional developer since 2008.

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